Born in Torquay, Kevin at an early age revealed a flair for photography. Using a Box Brownie, given to him by his Grandfather, at the age of 7, he captured his first photograph - a rose.

After leaving school he attended South Devon College and enrolled on an interior design course. Part of the course involved photography and he was hooked after processing and printing his first black and white film. His passion for photography overtook the desire to be an interior designer.

Soon he was to start his business mainly as a general photographer taking on commercial, wedding and portrait commissions.


However, whilst traveling to Australia and spending time in Sydney, Kevin’s captivation with photography took a new twist when he discovered the all-encompassing view of the panoramic camera. This encounter with the format, through a lucky meeting with top Australian panoramic photographer Ken Duncan, unleashed a variety of creative possibilities and distinguished him as a landscape photographer. This experience enabled him to take his photography to new higher levels.

Straightaway on Kevin’s return to England, he started to investigate the panoramic format further. Using a Widelux swing lens camera, with limited shutter speeds he produced images for an exhibition in 2001, which was a great success. Moving up to a Fuji 617 panoramic camera, along with a Hassleblad Xpan, he produced further exhibitions and culminated in the release of his first book Devon Riviera Moods.

On the back of the growing interest in his work, Kevin opened his gallery in his hometown of Torquay. Limited Editions of these high quality archival prints are produced at his gallery.

To create these beautiful photographs, high levels of quality control are observed through each and every process. Right from the initial exposure, shooting on Fuji Velvia Professional film for its unrivalled sharpness and intensely vivid colour saturation, Kevin aims to produce an accurate representation of the scene as he experienced it.

“In a digital world you cannot beat the wonderful aesthetic feel that film gives.”

Editing and selecting an image to be printed is a tough process as Kevin is his own biggest critic. So he seeks comments from family and friends, as a few images which would have been binned, have gone on to sell well.

From when the image is selected for scanning, this is where these artworks truly evolve. The camera is only a machine and the recording of the scene is a mechanical process. It is at the scanning stage and beyond, where the creative process produces a unique artwork.

Kevin’s pursuit for the perfect image is a never ending experience. Each and every view is seen as a work in progress. The diversity of nature provides an ever changing scene. Nature exerts her influence through the elements of wind, water and the sun. Creating a unique moment in time, this translates, into an emotional portrait of the power and beauty of our living planet. The never ending facets of nature’s palette, along with the natural elements, evoke emotions which Kevin endeavours to communicate to you the viewer.

The panoramic format provides a wonderful natural view. It lends itself, when combined with superior lenses and fine grained film, to enable large prints to be produced maintaining superb detail.

Kevin takes a lot of thought and care into finding the best combination of matte and moulding to complement the print. A photograph can draw intense emotions and when combined with the perfect frame can create a spectacular work of art in itself. This eclectic mix of art and design takes these artworks to a unique level.